Feline Charpentier

Writer, reviewer and pen chewer.

Black and white photo of Feline Charpentier


Feline (pronounced Falina – she’s named after the little deer-friend Bambi makes in the original German book by Felix Salten) was born in Germany but grew up in the wilds of North Wales. She was homeschooled to the age of ten, learning about mosses and birds and listening to plays on the radio. She has lived in Berlin, northern France, Cornwall and London. Feline has had many jobs, from river surveyor to pizza chef. She has three children, and recently moved to South Devon.

Feline has a number of fiction and non-fiction pieces due out in print this year, and she is currently working on edits for a novel, spanning three generations and set in the mountains of Snowdonia.

Recent Work

My son is terrified of spiders. This morning, just before the dawn chorus had even kicked in, our three-year-old crawled into bed beside me and tearfully told me there were naughty invisible spiders in the room. This has become a regular thing. His father and I talked the other night, wondering where it had come […]

You swear you have a handle on this. You’re not going to let a little setback send you crazy. Everyone has shit to deal with, right? Especially now, with the world going to hell in an especially rickety handcart, at full tilt. Just because it’s taking a few years to get over a virus doesn’t […]

Her body weighed far more than he had expected, its heft catching him off balance, so that he stumbled as he tried to undo the tight cord. His wellies got stuck in the mud and straw of the cowshed, as he muttered and cursed, taking the full force of her limp body with his bad […]

They are frightened. Wolf can smell the fear, like spilt beer and fag ends, sticky, wet and dead-ended, pressing against the walls of this small square room. All sharp corners and blinding tubes of light. Wolf can’t catch a breath, the air too chemical and long-dead. Two uniforms, one male, one female; hormones catch in […]


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